About Us

Just Keep it Simple, Smarty!

MacBook and headphones

We’re marketers based in Madison, WI who were tired of waiting on marketing to “kick in” eventually. We know business owners need results fast. We know that as long as we’re delivering new customers to our customers, they’re really happy… so why not just do that?

This is why we decided to keep it simple – we have the platform ready to deliver the traffic and leads you need – month after month. We simply connect your customers with your business.

SimplyOne Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency. We’re small and we’re going to keep it that way. The benefit is that we can focus on the clients we have and keep them happy without spreading ourselves out too thin. We will simply turn down business if we’re at or near our capacity in order to keep quality high. We love to throw in extra bonuses and we do what we can to keep our subscription clients happy.

Lucky You!

We don’t mass advertise our services or even promote this website, so if you’ve found us, consider yourself fortunate.

If your business needs more customers through the door or if you need the phone ringing, let’s talk or you can simply take advantage of the programs we already have available.

Our Mission

At the end of the day and at the end of our lives, we’re just accountable to simply one. Our goal is to do the best job we can possibly for that reason – to be a good and faithful servant. That’s our #1 job.