Are You Getting Leads From Us?

You may be receiving calls saying that those leads are being provided by SimplyOne.Marketing.

Yeah, that’s us!

What Does This Mean?

Laptop and mobile phone screens with graphsIt means we’re working in your industry and in your neighborhood. We’re doing marketing to get you leads. Your company, along with other, similar companies in your area are sharing these leads (for now). They’re on a rotator where each company (including yours) gets an equal portion of the leads that come through.

Soon, you may receive an email or letter from us with an offer. This offer would set your company up as the exclusive recipient of all the leads we’re gathering for your industry in your local area.

When you receive that message, be sure to react quickly to take advantage of that offer since the first company to sign up, wins! The offer will then be closed and will not open up again until they end their contract (which won’t be too likely). Or if you really like those leads and want to lock in a deal now, then simply contact us now.

It’s just that simple – be the first to claim that offer and you will receive ALL the leads we’re generating for your industry in your local area.

Good luck!